I know you may be asking, "Will hypnosis work for me?" So here is what some of my clients and colleagues to review their hypnosis experience with me...

Hypnosis Reviews for Traumatic Experiences:

hypnosis reviewFor more than 40 years I suffered from post traumatic stress as a result of childhood incidents of abuse and extreme stress. Before coming to Dave Mueller for help, I underwent multiple rounds of talk therapy, was on anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medicine at different times, and underwent a full course of rapid eye movement therapy. Some of these interventions and modalities were somewhat helpful, but none of them cleared the triggers which set off the frequent extreme sudden rage and anger reactions I suffered from -- reactions which caused me so much difficulty in my personal and family relationships. Nothing seemed to really solve the problem. After a while, I resigned myself to living with my difficulties.

Recently a friend referred me to Dave. I booked several sessions with him and was delighted to learn that we wouldn't need weeks and weeks of talk therapy to heal my past wounds. In a few sessions, Dave used a technique which didn't require me to go into intensive detail about my past or to re-live the painful emotions associated with my trauma triggers. I felt safe and comfortable during the sessions and Dave was calm, supportive and professional throughout.

In the weeks since I underwent treatment with Dave, I have noticed a marked improvement and a great sense of relief. I've encountered several situations which typically set off reactions in me. In each case I didn't over-react, and two cases, I was actually able to recognize that the triggering stimulus was occurring and that I had a choice about how to respond. This is not an ability I have had up to now.

I would heartily recommend Dave Mueller’s services to anyone. His supportive style, and his mastery of the therapeutic techniques he employs make him a great ally.


Rob A.

A colleague's words:

hypnosis client reviewDave Mueller  and I have been colleagues since the 1980's  when we worked on a special project for the child protective services of NJ. I was the supervisor of the family therapy and Dave was one of the therapists.  Now, for  the past 30 years , I have been  asking  Dave to come work with the people that I am seeing with PTSD.   Dave has studied for a number of years with an expert in Hypotism.  I have found that only exploring the causes and dealing with the fallout from trauma is not enough.  Dave can do in one session what sometimes years of work will not accomplish.  His techniques are able to give the person new pathways for processing the trauma.  He also can, while  the person is in a light trance, address their belief systems about themselves.  These  beliefs are fundamental to the persons' way of seeing him or her self.  Without  this  change, therapy is usually stuck. His work seems easier for clients and more effective than EMDR.

Dave has a gentle style that eases people into  a comfort with trance that is remarkable.  He has studied resistance in clients for many years and is comfortable with any way that it shows up.  He also has explored the role of ritual in a number of cultures and brings creative use of rituals to clients.  I have never had a client disappointed with the work that Dave did with them and the most common response is usually just this side of joy.

-Sally Oppenheimer,  MSS, LCSW

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